Bespoke Steel Doors for Every Application

Steel Door Sets for Fire Exits, Security & Personnel

MGS are proud to be able to offer the full range of quality-rated steel doors from leading British manufacturer Strongdor. Whether you require a steel door that is fire-rated, security-rated, attack resistant or with acoustic or thermal rated properties, MGS will take care of your order from guidance on product selection, to on-site measuring and installation.


Manufactured from corrosion resistant high-tensile steel, each door-set comes complete with powder coating in a range of standard colours, and is designed and built to your exact specification, fully configurable for both personnel doors and emergency exits with a range of features and options such as:

  • Single, double and leaf and a half doorsets (can also be supplied with bespoke
    side and overpanels)    

  • Fixed, glazed, louvred or detachable panels -    

  • Emergency Exit options for single and double door sets -    

  • Rebate, flange or standard 50mm frames -    

  • Full range of RAL and BS colour options, including Marine Grade finish
    (recommended for coastal or high chlorination locations)

Louvred panels are ideal in security sensitive applications where ventilation is essential. Steeldor quality fully louvred panels and doors allow 50% airflow through any given panel size, without compromising security.


Fully bespoke single or double door steel fire door sets with an independently tested 4 hour fire rating made to your exact requirements.


Firedor has superior security features such as astragal and dog bolt hinges and is supplied complete with all relevant emergency exit door hardware.


Optional vision panels are fire tested to 4 hours, the louvre panel options are fire tested to 2 hours. A low level DDA approved threshold also comes as standard. Suitable for internal use only.

For door applications where there is a high risk of professional raid, break-in or attack, these heavy duty single and double steel door-sets are designed to frustrate determined use of professional power-tools and cutting equipment.  


Fitted as standard with high security hardware and drop bars, the Strongdor Atakdor presents a formidable security barrier. They are ideal for use as an alternative to level three security doors in applications where there is a high risk of attack.


When your doors need to protect and defend against burglary or attack, the double-walled electrolytic galvanised steel Securidor is independently tested and certified to withstand anti-burglar resistance tests, making additional locks unnecessary.  


Rated to PAS 24, RC2 or RC3 for EN 1627/NEN 5096, these substantial door sets offer ideal protection for security-sensitive buildings and locations. Securidor is available in a wide range of specifications, including 1 to 4 security ratings, and has rated properties for weather-tightness, wind-load and exposure.  For residential applications, the range includes a Secured by Design single leaf door.

Contact our team for advice on the technical specifications for your project.


Climador is an insulated steel door that is thermally-rated and fire-rated, with a very low U-value of 1.4W/ m2.K.  Made from galvanised sheet steel, Climador comes in double or single leaf configurations for internal or external applications in commercial, industrial, public or residential projects. Glazed leafs are available as an option, and the door can be supplied with or without a threshold.  


The system has a unique rebate gasket made from EPDM rubber, that sits around both the frame and threshold, giving the door-set excellent declared performance ratings for water-tightness and wind resistance.  


Customisable options for Climador include: Two hour fire rating, anti-burglary locks, electro-magnetic strikes and panic hardware for fire exits.

Each steel door is built to your specification


Common Steel Door types and panel options

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Common Personnel single door types

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Common Emergency Exit single door types

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Common Hardware Configurations for double doors (Click image to enlarge)



Acoustidor is the perfect solution for noise control challenges, whether you need to keep sound out, or stop it escaping, these acoustically rated steel doors have certified noise reduction from 41db to 56db and are certified to EN ISO 140-3.


Each door comes with a 5 year construction warranty and can be combined with many other properties such as ballistic resistance, burglar resistance or fire rating to match your exact requirements. Contact our team for advice on the technical specifications for your project.

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