Reception, Desk &
Counter Barrier Screens for
increased Hygiene & Protection

Protective Hygiene Screens 


Counter top hygiene screens help protect staff, customers and visitors in the workplace by providing a clear hygiene barrier to help reduce physical contact and ensure social distancing whilst trading.

Protection in the workplace, without damage to your building


Our Reception Shield and Desk Guard protective hygiene barrier screens have a unique design which allows them to be fitted and removed at a later date without damage to the existing counter or reception desk, making them ideal where fixing and drilling is not possible or appropriate.

  • Clear barrier that can be fitted and removed without damage to counters and desks

  • Sneeze and cough protection shield for staff, customers and colleagues

  • Optional transaction gaps to enable safe trading whilst encouraging social distancing

  • Easy wipe clean acrylic surface

  • Ideal for listed, graded or high-end premises where aesthetics are important

  • Both free-standing and clamp variants are available in a range of finishes

Reception Shield

The Reception Shield screen system is specifically designed for reception desks, tills, POS and counters in Commercial, Retail and Hospitality environments where it is important to maintain high-quality building aesthetics and a superior welcoming experience for building visitors.  The bespoke clear screens are available with optional transaction gaps and side returns to offer extra protection between colleagues and enhance social distancing.

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Desk Guard

For office desks and back of house areas, Desk Guard provides a
low-cost solution to limit risk from coughs and sneezes in the workplace.


The clear screen enables face to face interaction whilst providing a hygienic barrier, that can be removed at a later date without damage to furniture.


MGS can help with adjustments to your property entrance, doors and reception area to minimise contact and meet COVID-19 trading requirements with automatic doors, protective screen barriers, and external transaction windows. For advice, please contact our offices for further information.

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