Operational & Business Update re:COVID-19


Following our previous announcement in relation to business operations at MGS and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Health and Safety of all of our partners remains our primary concern.


MGS are committed to ensuring that our staff, customers and supply chain are kept safe and informed of our processes and procedures through this evolving situation.


MGS are now operating at around 90% of capacity, with only a very small number of staff on furlough and no current operational or capacity planning issues. We have undertaken very strict internal RAMS and re-induction policies for all staff, with strict social distancing in place and site specific Covid-19 RAMS for all field and factory based activities.


Our service teams remain responsive to same day callout requests as needed, and our factory/fabrication lead time is currently circa 4 weeks, albeit we (always) remain flexible to assist with any urgent requests of any nature.


Visits to our offices and factory remain controlled, and indeed tightly limited. Video Conferencing is the preferred alternative to these for the foreseeable future in order to safely maintain relationships and levels of communication. Deliveries to our premises also continue to be tightly controlled.


As the pandemic evolves, we will continue to monitor, review and where necessary, amend our procedures in accordance with the latest government guidelines to ensure our mutual safety and high levels of service delivery.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time should you have any questions.


Thank you for your continued support


Jason R Pease

Managing Director