Business Update re: COVID-19


In accordance with the most recent Government and Public Health England advice regarding COVID-19, MGS have had preparations in place for several weeks to ensure we mitigate the risks for both our staff and customers as best as possible.
We are reviewing these guidelines daily, so please note that they may change quickly and without notice.  We are currently advising the following:-

"Business as usual" 
• Our West Midlands office and factory continues to remain open, and all on-site and off-site staff have been advised of and will follow the latest Government guidelines. This includes our engineering and surveying staff base which are strategically spread across the UK.
• Customer site visits by management and surveying staff will be minimised where possible and upon any visit our representatives will be asked to minimise contact, i.e. hand shaking for example, and prior to and following any visit will wash their hands thoroughly and apply hand gel sanitiser.
• Our offices and manufacturing facility are already naturally segregated into 3 sections and we do not currently have any known issues. However, prudent planning has taken place to ensure we can continue to function if one or more of the “sections” has a reduction in staff numbers.

Repair, Service, Maintenance & Installations
• Engineers have been asked to use site welfare facilities upon arrival and departure to thoroughly wash their hands after working on Doors on site, then apply hand gel sanitiser prior to departing. We are also stipulating that our engineers refrain from any “hand” contact when arriving at a customer premises.
• Our Engineers/Staff may request to see a site based Risk Assessment with regards the current situation.
• Specialist PPE is being made available to our engineers.
• Whilst we use electronic sign off, we are asking our engineers to minimise sign off procedure for obvious reasons to minimise contact.
• Where customers have sent specific procedural information, which of course correlates with the current Government advise, we will continue to monitor and follow all such announcements.

Supply Chain
• We have always held well planned stocks of major and frequently used parts, hence at this juncture we do not envisage any supply chain issues within our business, but are of course continuing to fully monitor the situation.
• All deliveries to MGS or any of our sites require our delivery partners to use facilities to thoroughly wash their hands prior to and following the delivery being received, then apply hand sanitiser.
• We have requested that our Supply chain partners do not visit without appointment and that all deliveries are booked in and contact is minimised with our staff and any contact is subject to Government guidelines, with regards hand washing, minimum distances etc
• We have instructed supply chain partner sales representatives to refrain from arranging site visits to MGS offices until further notice.

Aside from the additional on-site considerations and changes to our procedures as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, at present it really is "business as usual" at MGS and we'd like to thank you for your support in helping to facilitate these new measures to ensure we can continue to operate safely and effectively.


Finally, on a wider note, these are without doubt the most challenging times to face the UK for many years and the Health of everybody is and has to be our combined aim.

MGS remain fully open and available to repair/maintain any door or entrance issues you may have.

For the latest UK information on COVID-19, please refer to