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Automatic Doors

There are quite literally hundreds of configurations, applications and types of Automatic Door so how can you be sure that you are specifying the correct type?

At MGS we have vast experience of both Automatic Door Installation and Servicing, something that truly gives us an advantage when advising our customers.


For example, did you know that the way the building is facing and normal direction of wind can have a major impact on the correct automatic door application and type? Or, if you are on or near a coastal town there are certain provisions which can be made at design stage which could increase usage/lifespan by up to two years….What may well look great visually, might be unsuitable from a longevity and maintenance perspective and our Managers and Surveyors will take all of these points into consideration when advising you.


At MGS, we take a holistic view of the building type, usage and location and will advise on Automatic and Disabled doors that are both safe and built to last, whilst offering a suitable Maintenance package that will ensure both safe and optimum performance.

Automatic doors and powered door equipment must be installed and regularly maintained by a qualified engineer in order to remain safe for building users under Health and Safety legislation and comply with BS EN 16005, (superseded BS 7036 in 2013), the European Standard code of practice for safety in use of automatic doors for pedestrian use. 
All MGS engineers are trained and accredited under the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) scheme to ensure your doors to conform to UK and European standards and remain safe in use.

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Automatic Swing Doors, either new or often retro fitted onto existing manual doors, are an ideal, efficient and economical method of providing ease of access to your customers and staff. Designed with a wide range of features, from low energy to high performance environments, MGS swing doors can transom your building and ensure accessibility and safety meets the requirements of EN:16005

Where space permits, Automatic Sliding Doors are the perfect choice for an Automatic Door application. Smooth, seamless and safe in operation, aesthetically pleasing and often installed in heavy usage environments, MGS Sliding Door systems are designed
and installed in wide range of colours
UK wide. 

The right Automatic Door specification, installation and service means longevity and reliability

  • All Automatic & Disabled door types installed

  • Full technical design
    and drawings


  • Automatic Door Repair, Service & Maintenance

  • Conception to installation to service – all via the same team

  • Technicians
    accredited to EN:16005

  • New build / refurbishment

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